Garment Care

3 Main Rules for Bunski Garment Care are as follows:

1. Always wash in COLD WATER only!
2. Always turn garment inside out to wash or dry.
3. Follow Washing Instructions below...

Bunski DTG Print Washing Instructions and Garment Care:
It is important to follow these washing instructions* carefully:
1. Gentle cold machine wash only (10-30 degrees Celsius).
2. Use standard washing powder only (preferably natural and chemical free).
3. Do NOT use fabric softeners as they may strip the coloured ink from the design.
4. Do NOT bleach or use bleaching agents of any kind.
5. Do NOT tumble dry (turn garment inside out to dry).
6. Wash garment inside out (to protect the design).

White Garments Please Note:

White garments have a colour boost applied to them and a 2-3 % colour fade may occur after washing.

Colour & Dark Garments Please Note:

Colour and Dark garments have an under-base pre-spray applied, which is used to help white Titanium ink adhere and cure to the garment. After 1-2 washes, the overspray will disappear.

* Following the above washing intructions and garment care will ensure that you get the maximum life out of your bunski garment. Failure to comply with these instructions will breach our exchange policy and bunski does not accept returns for damaged garments that have been ruined by incorrect care or washing.